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My name is Michael Jenča and I am studying at the Gymnázium Jana Adama Raymana in Prešov third year. I was born in Prešov and currently I live in Kanaš.

My hobbies

I don´t have many hobbies but I like to watch a good film or TV series, for example The Lord Of The Ring and Game Of Thrones. I play floorball in FBC Mikuláš Prešov and I like to bike. Im also interested in new technologies and gadgets. From time to time I play computer games and I like to shoot or create computer graphics.


As you already know, I am studying at the Gymnázium Jana Adama Raymana in Prešov third year and this site is my computer science final project.

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My actual timetable:

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My old timetable:

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Photo gallery

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GJAR e-mail: michael dot jenca at gjar-po dot sk
G-mail: leachim dot acnej at gmail dot com

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Michael Jenča
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